Established in 2004, DMT Consultants Ltd. offers enterprise development services for Micro, Small and Medium-size Enterprises (MSMEs) in Eastern and Southern Africa with a bias toward traders and enterprises engaged in export.

DMT Consultants Ltd.:

  • Supports development agencies in the design and implementation of trader and MSME growth strategies and programmes and
  • Provides technical support, business management and export training to MSMEs and member-based business associations.

We also have a strong interest in the role of gender in trade and develop tailored training programmes to meet the specific gender-mainstreaming needs of enterprises/institutions/organizations in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The firm is run by a team of seasoned consultants with rich international and regional experience in training design, development programme design and implementation, international and regional trade, business growth strategies, business management and gender mainstreaming. Our consultants have work experience in Eastern Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa and the United States.